Patient Beds

Introducing our amazing Patient Beds, designed to provide the utmost comfort and care for pattients in hospitals, medical facilities, and clinics. Our beds come with a range of features to ensure the best possible experience for pattients. Our beds are adjustable in both weight and height, allowing for a tailored fit that works for every individual. They are also equipped with a variety of medical features to make sure that pattients are comfortable and safe. With our Patient Beds, you can trust that the pattients in your care will be receiving the best possible care.

The side railing prevents the patients falling to worsen injuries. It is a support for the patients to get in or out of the beds.The hospital beds is designed to let the back and leg rest by the manual crank system, and for the model, it has 2 manual crank systems.

This comes in handy especially when transferring the patients. The capacity with maximum 300kg. The back angle is 0-85° the knee angle is 0-45°. helping to ease the patients’ pain.

Standard configuration:

2 sets manual crank system

1 pair aluminium alloy side rail

4 luxurious double protection castor

4 IV stand sockets

1 pcs IV stand


Back angle:0-85° ± 5,knee angle:0-45° ± 5

Aluminium alloy folding side rails, with eays and safe operation

Luxurious double protection wheels with easy and safe operation

Cold rolling steel bed sheet, with holes for air flow and it is anti-slip

Capacity: ≤ 300kg