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About Drey Medicals & Safety Limited

Drey Medicals & Safety Limited is a leading supplier of premium quality medical & safety goods.

We are a statutory body in Nigeria striving to ensure the movement of best standard medical and safety goods, from point of production to points of usage.

Our services are open to hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, medical centers, government parastatals, homes, retailers and wholesalers.

Over the years, we have made consistent efforts to provide excellent services earning the trust of our clients.

For us at Drey Medicals & Safety Limited, going the extra mile to ensure ultimate customer satisfaction would always be the mandate.


Making quality & standard Medical goods & equipment promptly accessible at budget-friendly prices.


To be a leading and trusted choice for the provision & maintenance of medical & safety goods globally.

Why Choose Us?

No Compromise On Quality Goods

We strongly believe that besides providing high quality, there exists no other options.

Service Par Excellence

We invest our time & resources to ensure our services are efficiently delivered.

Prompt Delivery Against Given Deadlines

With the perfect supply solutions we have created, we guarantee that goods get to our clients as fast as possible and in great condition.

Range of Alternatives

We offer a range of alternative goods to suit the unique needs of individual clients, as well as aiding in their purchase decision making.

Customer-Prioritised Methods

For us, customer satisfaction is of great importance and one of the major reasons, we exist.

Transparent Business Communication

We ensure our clients are furnished with all information as regards their goods, supply details and estimated delivery time.

On Hand Customer Support

Our Customer Service Team are always available to offer top-notch assistance to clients, as well as anyone with enquires.

Professional Input on Purchase Decisions

Again, Customer fulfillment is a priority for us. To achieve that, we guide clients in making best purchase decisions.

Core Values









Supply of Medical Uniforms

Supply of Medical Consumables

Supply & Set Up of Hospital Furniture

Supply & Installation of Medical Equipment

Supply of Surgical Tools

Supply of Safety Goods

Supply of Paediatric Goods

Supply of Domestic Sanitary Goods

Conversion & Set Up of Ambulances

Set Up of Clinical & Medical Spaces.

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