Portable Dental Autoclave, STP-E Series

  • Electric heating Steam Sterilizer, Digital display
  • Microcomputer control
  • Chamber volume: 18L, 24L
  • Working temperature: 126ºC
  • Working pressure: 0.142 Mpa
  • Auto release when over pressure
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The Portable Dental Autoclave is compact, portable, lightweight and easy to handle, making it ideal for mobile dental procedures. STP-E Series dental autoclave uses saturated steam to sterilize articles rapidly and efficiently, It is the most cost-effective model for dental clinics.

  • All made of SUS 304 stainless steel material, durable
  • Microcomputer control, digital display, sterilization temperature and time can be adjusted
  • Auto release when over pressure
  • Double scale indication pressure gauge, clear to read
  • Self-inflating type seal, safe and reliable
  • Simple operation, safe and reliable


Portable Dental Autoclave, STP-E Series
Model STP-E18 STP-E24
Volume 18L 24L
Power 2.0KW 2.0KW
Voltage 110V/220V,60Hz/50Hz
Rated working pressure 0.142Mpa
Temp accuracy ±1℃
Rated working temperature 126℃
Chamber volume Ø280×295 Ø280×390
Packing size ( LxWxH ) 420*420*550 420*420*680
Weight 18 KG 20 KG

At 6-9 minutes cycle, STC Series Cassette Dental Autoclave offer easily one of the faster sterilizers on the market, the sterilization effect is reliable and rapid.  It is suitable for dental equipment operation and emergency due to its compact size and short sterilization cycle. This cassette dental autoclave is designed for sterilization of all reusable instruments, including complex constructions, whether packaged or not.

1. It is easy to operate, the system operation is displayed on the screen; Sterilization procedures can be safely interrupted at any time.
2. With self-detection system, if a problem occurs in the process of operation, the system will automatically stop and the defective code will be displayed on the screen.
3. It is suitable for sterilization of instruments containing cavity and solid instruments, and it can be non-wrapped sterilization
4. Small dimensions, light weight, wide ambient working conditions, easy to operate. the cassette is also a good medical instruments container for temporary deposit and carry.
5. Compared with the autoclave with a longer sterilization cycle, this quick autoclave prolongs the lifespan of the medical instruments relatively.

Cassette Dental Autoclave, STC Series mask
  • Easy to operate
  • The system operation is displayed on the screen
  • Sterilization procedures can be safely interrupted at any time
Cassette Dental Autoclave, STC Series printer
  • Standard printer
  • Real-time record for sterilization process
Cassette dental autoclave, STC Series Ultra-thin-cassette-box
  • Ultra-thin cassette box design makes heating and cooling faster
Cassette Dental Autoclave, STC Series 0.22μm-Biofilter
  • 0.22μm Biofilter
Cassette Dental Autoclave, STC Series sterilization chart-

Shorter cycle time, higher efficiency

  • A: Displace
  • B: Heat up
  • C: Sterilization
  • D: Exhaust
  • E: Dry


Model STC-2000 STC-5000 STC-6000
Maximum Operating Pressure 242 kPa
Operating Pressure Range 42 kPa ~ 212kPa
Maximum Operating Temperature 138° C
Operating Temperature Range 115 ° C to 135 ° C
Sterilization Volume About 1.8 Liters About 5.2 Liters About 6.0 Liters
Tank Volume 3.4 Liters
Water Ultra-pure water, deionized water, laboratory water. Ultra-pure water, deionized water, laboratory water, distilled water, purified water.
Power Supply Voltage AC 220 V±22 V
Power Frequency 50 Hz ± 1 Hz
Input Power ≤1.3 kVA
Atmospheric Pressure Range 70.0 kPa to 106.0 kPa
Ambient Temperature Range + 5 ° C ~ + 40 ° C
Steam Generator Power 1.2 kVA ± 5%
Fuse F8AL250V phi 5 x 20 mm
Safety Valve Setting Pressure 0.25 MPa
Equipment Working Medium Water Vapor
Working Relative Humidity ≤85%
Normal Use Place Work room
Run Mode Run Intermittently (≤6 cycles/hour)

Dental Autoclave play a very important role in dental offices to avoid infection or transfer of microorganisms. It is suitable to sterilizing wrap, unwrap, solid, porous, hollow device. STB-B-2A Series dental autoclave is based on the new class B, have 3 pulsating vacuum, the vacuum is up to -0.9 bar (-0.09 MPa), residual humidity is <0.2%. Since the dental tools will be completely cleaned and removed of any microbial residue from previous dental procedures, the risk of any bacterial infection from the tools themselves will be greatly reduced.

  1. With imported & advanced 16-bit microprocessor, easy to operate. Suitable for the Dept of Stomatology, Ophthalmology, Surgery and Lab.
  2. Equipped with B&D test and vacuum test procedures. To test the penetrability.
  3. Chamber punched by stainless steel (#304, thickness: 2.5mm), together with the jet type of steam generator self-cleaning ensures the efficient sterilizing.
  4. With alarm system for waste water tank, it avoid the waste water entering into the sterilizing circulation and make the sterilization completely.
  5. Precise LED display and advanced self-test system ensure you get the working data freely.
  6. Double lock door system for safety during operation.
  7. Inbuilt printer and USB are optional. The disinfection process data and date can be automatically printed.


Model classification

Model Power Voltage Frequency Tank Capacity Appearance Size (mm) Inside Dimension (mm) package Dimension (mm) G·W
STB-B23-2A 2000 W AC220V/110V±10% 50/60Hz±1Hz 23Litres 445×640×395 Φ249×450 740×550×500 53 kg
STB-B18-2A 1800 W AC220V/110V±10% 50/60Hz±1Hz 18Litres 445×550×395 Φ249×355 670×550×500 48 kg
STB-B16-2A 1800 W AC220V/110V±10% 50/60Hz±1Hz 16Litres 445×550×395 Φ230×360 670×550×500 47 kg
STB-B12-2A 1800 W AC220V/110V±10% 50/60Hz±1Hz 12Litres 445×550×395 Φ200×360 670×550×500 46 kg

Technical parameter

Sterilization level CLASS B (European Class B)
Sterilization temperature 134℃/121℃
Display accuracy ±0.5℃
Recording accuracy ±0.5℃
Sensor accuracy 0.01℃
Special sterilization Kill active HV, HBV, BSE and spore
Drying program Strong vacuum drying,the residual humidity<0.2%
Display Widescreen LED display
Test Bowie & Dick steam penetration test, Vacuum test, Helix spiral test
Safety Safety valve, pressure lock, fault self-check
Sterilization record  Optional Inbuilt printer and USB to record the sterilization process and date
Water supply system 3 L distiller water tank, 3 L waste water tank
Cleaning program Automatic clean inside pipe and steam generator
Sterilization configuration 5 layers, 3 trays (circular shape, more space in actual use)
Type and Series

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