Wall Mounted Thermometers

  • This Wall Mounted Thermometer is the perfect medical equipment for easy and accurate temperature readings.
  • This device quickly measures temperatures with a contactless, non-touch method, making it easy to use and hygienic.
  • Its highly visible LCD display allows readings to be taken quickly, and is reliable and accurate to within 0.1°C.
  • The Wall Mounted Thermometer is the perfect medical device for fast, reliable temperature readings.
  • This thermometer is designed to be mounted on any wall and provides a non-contact, non-touch temperature measurement, making it both accurate and hygienic.
  • The device’s LCD display is highly visible, allowing readings to be taken quickly and accurately to within 0.1°C.
  • This thermometer is suitable for a variety of medical applications, from monitoring body temperatures to taking temperatures in communal areas to ensure the safety of staff and patients.
  • It’s easy to operate, with a single-button operation that quickly and accurately captures readings.
  • The thermometer also includes a memory function, which stores up to 32 readings for quick and convenient recall.
  • The Wall Mounted Thermometer is an ideal device for any medical setting, providing fast, accurate, and hygienic temperature readings.
  • With its visible LCD display, easy operation, and memory function, this thermometer is a reliable and efficient way to take temperatures.